How much is Steve Wilkos worth 2024 – Net Worth Revealed (2024)

Steve Wilkos is a famous American television show host, former army officer, and producer. He is widely known as a security director of The Jerry Springer Show. Besides, he has appeared on his self-named TV series named The Steve Wilkos Show.

Therefore, “how much is Steve Wilkos worth” has become an ordinary question on the internet and social media platforms.

As of 2022, Steve Wilkos has an approximated net worth of $7 million, thanks to his career. Besides, he makes around $700 thousand ($700,000) every year from his show.

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Early Life

On 9 March 1964, Steve Wilkos was born to Jeanette and Stanley Wilkos in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Besides, he spent most of his childhood in his hometown. At an early age, he had been interested in television. He has three sons and daughters.

In 1982, Steve Wilkos completed his high school at Lane Technical High School. After graduation, he joined the US Marine Corporations.

Biography of Steve Wilkos

Full NameSteven John Wilkos
Professional NameSteve Wilkos
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth9 March 1964
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States of America
Zodiac SignPisces
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight80 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameRachelle Consiglio
ProfessionTV host and retired US marine
Net Worth$7 million


In 1994, Steve Wilkos asked to start a job in a television show named The Jerry Springer Show as a security guard. After working on an episode, the TV show authority decided to take him for other episodes as well.

While working in the show, Wilkos recruited many retired police officers to get part-time jobs as security guards in the show. However, the show authorities explained that the guests were aggressive during the show.

So, they need security guards to control the environment. During the conflict with the guest, Wilkos was injured two times.

In 2002, Steve Wilkos made a debut in the wrestling world, and he teamed up with another wrestler named Gillberg. Anyway, they have won the wrestling match.

Wilkos left the show in 2007. 2 months later, he created his talk show called The Steve Wilkos Show. Wilkos’ authorities have a more serious tone than The Jerry Springer Show. They focused more on criminal justice than anyone.

Steve Wilkos explained that no criminals would be comfortable in the show. And they will get the perfect justice for their crimes. In the 2nd season, he added new topics for his show.

Some of the television shows names has been given below to understand better at a glance:

Name of the TV showsEpisodes
The Jerry Springer Show28
Celebrity Page8
The Wendy Williams Show9
The Steve Wilkos Show2759

Steve Wilkos net worth

As of this writing, Steve Wilkos has an estimated net worth of $7 million. Besides, Steve Wilkos earns around $150 thousand ($150,000) annually as a security director.

So, we have provided an estimated net worth by combining all the payments he earned throughout his career.

How does Steve Wilkos make money?

Steve Wilkos makes most of his money through his television show. However, he has millions of fans and followers on the internet and social media platforms to cheer him up. Besides, he can earn more than 150 thousand dollars every month on average.

Television personalities like Brian Kilmeade, Henry Kissinger, and Judge Jeanine Pirro make their money through television programs. In the US, a TV show host can make from $31,000 to $750,000 on average. But a professional host like Steve Wilkos earns $50,000 every day because experiences and skills matter the most here.

According to Social Blade, on 6 October 2010, Steve Wilkos created a self-named YouTube channel. Besides, he has 1.47 million subscribers. Anyway, Wilkos makes 954 thousand dollars every year through YouTube ad revenue.

According to IMDb, Steve Wilkos appeared on several television shows. For every episode, he makes around 5 thousand dollars. Anyway, he worked for 2759 episodes. So, he made more than 2 million dollars as of this writing.

Personal Life

Steve Wilkos married Rosae Wilkos in 1985. But 2 years later, they decided to separate. However, in 1999, Wilkos married Hannah Wilkos. But the relationship did not last very long.

They decided to split up in 1999. However, he married 3rd time with Rachelle Consiglio in 2000.

What is Steve Wilkos doing now?

Steve Wilkos is currently appearing in his television show named The Steve Wilkos Show. In 2020, he made the 2nd season of the show. And he continued working with the television show.

Anyway, stay tuned because more surprises are coming soon for the well-wishers of Steve Wilkos.

How much is Steve Wilkos worth 2024 – Net Worth Revealed (2024)
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